If you’ve been bitten by a dog in Hartford, Connecticut then you need to do this

As Hartford, Connecticut dog bite attorneys, we have seen the devastating effects
that can occur when a person has been attacked by a dog. There are a great
number of things that you need to do after you have been bitten by a dog in
Connecticut and there are other things that you should not do. If you have
been attacked by a dog in Connecticut then one of your first considerations
should be obtaining the proper medical care and treatment for your dog bite
injury. You will also need to make sure of your case is properly
investigated and reported to the authorities. There are so many other things
that go into the proper development of a Hartford, Connecticut dog bite injury case.

If you have been bitten by a dog in Connecticut you first need to contact
the police or dog warden and make sure that all of the necessary information
is gathered and that a report is prepared. If your skin has been broken, you
should either be transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital or you
should immediately go to the emergency room of your local hospital. Many
times, a person who has received a serious laceration will be treated in the
emergency room and will be attended to by a resident doctor or generalist.
It is vitally important that if you have any type of a large wound that you
insist upon being seen and treated by a plastic surgeon. This will provide
you with one of the best opportunities to make sure that your wound site
will be less likely to result in a ugly and disfiguring scar.

You will also want to make sure that you follow up with a doctor after being
discharged from the hospital. One of the greatest medical risks which you
can face after being bitten by a dog is the risk of an infection. Our
Connecticut dog bite lawyers have seen great complications result from an
infected dog bite that may require an extended hospital stay or the
intervention of an infectious disease specialist. Make sure you get regular
care and treatment so that you get the best possible result after you’ve
been attacked by a dog. Often times people will also need to seek the
services of a psychologist or psychiatrist in dealing with the trauma that
they have endured as a result of being attacked by a dog. These specialized
healthcare professionals can provide you with the necessary tools to help
deal with the overriding anxiety that you might face when confronted by a

Connecticut dog bite injuries can result in large medical bills,
rehabilitative care, claims for lost wages, psychological injuries,
permanent ugly and disfiguring scars, and other disabilities that can last a
lifetime. It is vitally important that you contact an experienced Conn dog
bite injury lawyer at the earliest possible moment so that your rights can
be explained to you and so you understand exactly what you need to be doing.
Our Connecticut dog bite injury attorneys have extensive experience and have
even written a book on Connecticut dog bite injury claims.

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You have enough to worry about in getting better after you have been
attacked by a dog. Let us worry about everything else and handle the details
for you.